There are three variables which determine the price of a cake:  

1. The number of people it will serve (its size)

2. The flavor of the cake and its filling.

3. The complexity of the design

Choosing certain styles can limit your selection of either cake, filling or frosting flavors.

To ensure a successful outcome of your cake order, submit orders at least 7 days from the due date. Wedding and large special occasion cakes need to be in at least a month ahead of time.  For special last minute orders (less than 7 days), call or text David at (510) 332-8416 to arrange an agreeable time and date. There is a charge for delivery determined by distance and amount of set-up (if any).

  • We require a deposit of half the total amount of your cake at the time it is ordered.
  • We prefer paypal but we also accept checks and cash.
  • Pick up your cake at or anytime after the time specified on your order (until 5:00 PM).
  • There is a $10.00 charge on all cake cancellations and a $30.00 charge on all bounced checks.
  • Wedding and large special occasion cakes are all contract bound. 


The menu is available to your right.  Click "Place a ___ Order" then scroll down to Cake or Cookie Flavors then choose from the drop down menu. Of course you can always go to our Flavors menu, pick what you want and email your order to: eatpastry@yahoo.com

cookie and cupcake pricing

Please give us at least 2-3 days for cookies and cupcake orders.  

  • Drop Cookies are $30 a dozen.
  • Decorative Cookies are $3-$4 a piece depending on intricacy of design. Decorative Cookies are sold a dozen at a time and average $36 a dozen.
  • Cookies can be shipped anywhere in the United States and/or delivered within the bay area. USPS Shipping within the U.S. is $10.  Overnight is $25.    
  • Cupcakes are $3 a piece.  Add $1 each to cupcakes with decorative fondant toppers. Cupcakes are sold by the half or full dozen ONLY.
  • Cupcakes without fondant toppers are $36 a dozen. $18 for half dozen.  A dozen cupcakes with fondant toppers are $48, half dozen with fondant toppers is $24.

cake pricing

6" Buttercream Cake (feeds 8-10 people) : $25

8" Buttercream Cake (feeds 10-15 people) $35

10" Buttercream Cake (feeds 15-25 people) $45

1/4 sheet Buttercream Cake  (feeds 20-25 with a 2" square) $40

1/2 sheet Buttercream Cake (feeds about 50 with a 2" square) $80

FOR FONDANT CAKES: Each cake varies in detail and size, so prices may vary. Typically tho, prices start at $5 a slice and go up to $10 a slice for fondant cakes.  Examples--a birthday cake will typically be on the low end ($5-$7 per slice), while a wedding cake will typically be on the higher end ($8-$10) of that pricing scale.  Like i said the intricacy and detail of design plays a big part. 

All large special occasion cakes come with a contract agreement that must be returned back to me signed. 


Cake tastings are by appointment only. Wedding cake tastings are typically scheduled Saturdays, Sundays and some Fridays from 11:00am - 5:00pm and are $20 total. Consultations for wedding cakes run about thirty minutes to an hour. You will sample a variety of our signature cake flavors while viewing our portfolio and display gallery. We will work with you to design the perfect cake for your wedding.


We LOVE donations! We're a small in-house business that is trying to give a fabulous product and stay in the bay area--we love our clients and want to stick around as long as possible!  Make a small or large donation to help raise funds to help David open his own studio and put Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio on the map! The east bay needs a good quality high end cake studio that focuses on the celebratory needs of its citizens and we think Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio is the place! If you agree, please donate any amount. All proceeds go directly to a business savings account set up specifically for this purpose. Your help in this goal is greatly appreciated.


  • All deliveries within Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, Berkeley, Hayward, Richmond is $15.  San Francisco deliveries are $25. 
  • Pickups naturally are free--PLEASE HANDLE YOUR CAKE CAREFULLY! Set it on the floor of your car or in the trunk, NOT ON THE SEAT! Do not leave your cake out on a hot day or it might melt.

  • Once your cake leaves our premises, it is your responsibility.


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